The Mundelein Business Alliance is a nonprofit organization that works with community partners to create pathways to opportunity. We support workforce development, financial capability, and development in the community where we do business. We are committed to making positive, constructive change. We can assist with connecting businesses and nonprofit leaders to find ways to better serve their clients and communities.

The MBA is also committed to helping small businesses acquire the expertise and other resources they need to grow. Because small businesses are the cornerstones of our local communities, creating jobs and spurring innovation, we provide opportunities for networking and marketing at little to no additional cost.

Join us today and make a difference to create a better community. Spread the word and invite others to join our organization too!

Your MBA Contacts

MBA Anthony Fiorelli.jpg

Anthony Fiorelli
Board President.


Kerston Russell
Board Past Chairman and Membership.
Local government liaison, advocacy, and information.
Freedom One Networking Liaison.


Melissa Norton
Board Secretary. MBA BiLaws, Super Hero Day 
and Small Business Saturday event information.
Business Liaison.


Susan Peterson
Board Marketing. MBA marketing and
event materials, writing/editing.