October 11, 2018 - MBA General Meeting Recap

October 11, 2018 - MBA General Meeting Recap

In addition to coaching clients on exercise and improving their athletic performance or physical appearance, Game Changing Performance offers nutritional advice and meal plan suggestions. Here are some helpful tips:

  • You don't need to be perfect!

  • When 1 meal is off-plan don't call it cheating. It's just not sticking to your plan perfectly - which is okay.

  • You do need regular maintenance on your body (just like you do for your vehicle) and good nutrition is the proper method.

  • Sugar and Stress are the 2 main causes of weight gain. Cutting back on both should be your number 1 priority. Make it a habit to de-stress daily.

  • Stick to your plan as much as possible ahead of the holidays or big events to allow for imperfect eating or imbibing.

  • Metabolism slows with age - so cutting back is necessary.

  • If you do have some sugar - post workout is optimal for burning it quickly/easily.

  • Plan meals ahead of time to stay on track.

For detailed or more information - please contact Nathan directly and visit their website:




July 12, 2018 - MBA General Meeting Recap

MBA General Meeting – July 12, 2018


Village of Mundelein Updates
Presented by Taylor Wegrzyn, AICP, Planner, Community Development

  • Status update on the Village’s Comprehensive Plan Update process
  • Update on the Urban Land Institute’s recommendations for the Townline Road corridor
  • Downtown/Metra station Pedestrian Bridge update
  • Downtown development activity
  • Storm water needs assessment and action plan update
  • Maple Hill subdivision
  • Term sheet with Springbank on US Music site and current Public Works campus
  • Community Days recap
  • Recap of Village’s and Economic Development Commission’s Real Estate Event
  • Village marking/outreach to investors/developers through SelectChicago, ICSC, Chicagoland Restaurant Brokers Association, Etc.
  • Downtown Murals
  • 612 South Lake Street acquisition – willing seller and pending plans to create a view of Diamond Lake

Business Spotlight: Mundelein Park + Recreation District
Presented by Tracie Ouimet, Sponsorship Coordinator

Don’t miss out on the plethora of opportunities for your business to connect with the community! (Click here to view the entire presentation. 2.5MB) Here are some highlights:

  • Business name and/or logo shared on various materials, social media, and MPRD Website
  • Special Event Advertising / Promotion Opportunities
  • Advertising  in Seasonal Program Guide
  • Ball Park Signage
  • Underwriting the Dance Program
  • Tree Dedication Program
  • Mundelein Parks Foundation
  • Naming Rights of Facilities
  • NEXT Events!
    (July 19) “Big Wheel Race & Movie in the Park”
    (July 28) “Craft Beer Night @ Barefoot Bay”
    (August 9) “Movie in the Park”
  • Opportunities Coming Up SOON!
    “Mundelein Arts Festival” Purchase Awards (Sept. 8-9)
    “Doggy Trick-or-Treat” Vendors and Sponsors (Oct. 13)
    “Boo Bash” Sponsors (Oct. 27)